Familiarity with Japanese and British culture and business habits

Because we were founded by a Japanese person, we understand Japanese culture and business, while at the same time we’ve operated in London for around 30 years and therefore understand British culture and business habits too. This allows us to act as a bridge between the two countries.

Rich event experience

As well as organizing our own events in London on a regular basis, we also support other companies in event planning and execution. Our accumulated know-how, as well as our deep understanding of British consumers and media, means that we can help you maximize attendance and media exposure.

Specialists in content production

Ever since we were established as a publishing company 30 years ago, we have continued to produce content. Our British staff writers and designers create text and designs that are truly appealing to native English speakers, and tailor made to each requirement.

Well-versed in the Japanese food industry

Ever since we founded the specialist Eat-Japan brand and began publishing magazines and books on Japanese food, we have striven to promote Japanese food and drink in the UK. We have extensive relationships with Japanese restaurants and food shops, as well as chefs, buyers and distributors, which help us in the promotion of Japanese food and drink products.