• Events

    We support companies exhibiting at UK events and expositions, including our own HYPER JAPAN Event, as well as in planning and running their own events.

  • Digital Communications

    We provide website and social media content creation, operation and optimization services.

  • Editing and Producing Publicity Materials and Publications

    We produce Japanese and English packaging, pamphlets, books and magazines, as well as offering photography, translation and localization services.

  • Media Relations

    We can assist with maximizing media and press coverage, translation into English and distribution of press releases and the planning and running of events aimed at media and press.

  • Production of Advertising Materials & Advertising Agency Services

    We undertake advertising services and planning, covering online, newspapers & magazines and outdoor advertising, as well as creative work.

  • Market Research

    We conduct industry-specific market research in fields such as travel, food and pop culture.