2009, Client: Ajinomoto

From 2005-2009, CROSS MEDIA acted as the London office of the Umami Information Centre as part of PR activities for umami.

In 2008, to commemorate the centenary of the discovery of the umami taste, we produced and published the book Dashi and Umami in conjunction with Ajinomoto. Coinciding with the publication of the book, we also organized an event aimed at widening awareness of umami in the UK.

CROSS MEDIA was involved in all aspects of running the event, including planning, booking the venue and chefs, obtaining cooking utensils and ingredients, advertising and more. Cookery demonstrations and tastings were provided by chefs from prestigious Japanese restaurants including Hyotei, Kikunoi, Kyoto Kitcho and Tsukiji Tamura. Influential figures from the food industry including top chefs and food journalists were invited, and the event was moderated by BBC TV presenter Stefan Gates.

The event resulted in coverage in the Times newspaper, as well as a special feature on umami in the trade publication Restaurant magazine. Not only did this publicise the event itself, but led to the term “umami” becoming more widespread in the media and general discourse.