2007-, Client: Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Since 2007, we have worked on behalf of the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, the official tourism organization of Tokyo, to promote Tokyo as a tourism destination in the UK.

Also in conjunction with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), we work to disseminate information about Tokyo as a tourism organization in the UK, conveying information to the media to get coverage and supporting press tours.

We organize an annual Tokyo tourism seminar for travel agents and tour operators in the UK, and we also plan and attend inspection tours in Tokyo itself.

For the largest tour organized to date, Tokyo Tourism Representatives from 10 cities around the world, including London, came together to invite around 50 travel agency staff for a week-long tour of Tokyo. CROSS MEDIA was responsible for the UK attendees, from invitation through to follow-up.

Each year we also attend the World Travel Market, Europe’s largest B2B travel trade fair, and operate a booth.

Though our various activities over the past eight years, which also include market research and advertising, we have built up strong, direct links across the UK travel industry, and accumulated a great deal of know-how.