2013, Clients: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries/Hakuhodo, Inc.

As part of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture’s efforts to promote Japanese food and drink overseas, we organized an event at HYPER JAPAN on the theme of encouraging UK consumers to incorporate Japanese cuisine in their everyday lifestyles.

Cross Media was responsible for all aspects of putting the event together, from planning the contents, booking the chefs and sommeliers, obtaining ingredients and cooking utensils, through to staffing and construction. There were demonstrations and tastings encompassing topics such as Japanese food for parties or picnics, and healthy pasta dishes. There was also a demonstration of sake cocktails that can be made at home, with recipes distributed, and tastings of other alcoholic drinks such as shochu, umeshu and Japanese wine and whisky.

Three bartenders took part in a sake cocktail making competition on the stage, with the winner chosen both by a vote among attendees and the decision of a panel of experts. In conjunction with Japanese food shops, we sold ingredients and alcoholic drinks at the event, and they distributed recipes in their shops after the event for long-term impact.

We also organized a large-scale publicity campaign, with advertising in over 100 locations on the London Underground amongst other activities.