Since 2010, CROSS MEDIA

[en:]The aim of the event is to bring to a European audience a true sense of Japan right now, from a multitude of angles including food, music, fashion, technology, traditional culture, video games, manga and anime. We hold two events a year, which in 2015 welcomed more than 130,000 visitors, making them the largest events specialising in Japanese culture in the UK.


Sushi Awards (2005-): A sushi-making competition for chefs from London and beyond. The general public taste each one and vote to decide the winner.

Sake Experience (2012-): We invite sake brewers from all corners of Japan to the UK, and give them a chance to showcase their wares directly to UK consumers. As well as being able to sample and purchase the products, attendees can also learn about sake via expert lectures, and vote for their favourite sake.

Sake Cocktail Awards (2015-): Some of London’s best bartenders create cocktails using sake. Attendees then sample and vote for their favourite to determine the winner.