Dashi and Umami(英語)

A book explaining dashi and umami aimed at professional chefs, this publication introduces beautiful kaiseki cuisine for all seasons from restaurants such as the ryotei Kikunoi.

All About Sake, Authentic Japanese Food(英語)

These magazines provide basic information on sake and Japanese ingredients and seasonings such as rice and dashi, as well as recipes and interviews with Japanese chefs.

Eat-Japan Magazine (英語)

A free magazine aimed at UK consumers. Featuring a guide to Japanese restaurants in the UK, as well as recipes, it is published once a year, with a distribution of 140,000 copies.

Umami Book Series(6カ国語)

These handy recipe books each introduce recipes featuring a different aspect of Japanese cuisine. The series includes Rice, Noodles, Tofu, Miso and Seaweed.

UK生活 (日本語)

This lifestyle and guidebook aimed at Japanese people in the UK includes information on shops and facilities relating to many aspects of life including restaurants, doctors, schools and more.


This series of guidebooks introduces country towns in easy reach of cities across Europe for Japanese visitors, with editions covering London, Paris and Italy.