2015, Client: Tosa Prefecture

This event, with a commercial audience in mind, was designed to heighten awareness of and create business opportunities for sake produced in Tosa prefecture, as well as other local produce such as yuzu and ginger.

Around 150 Japanese sake and food distributors and buyers, as well as those in the restaurant trade and food journalists, were invited to the event, which was held in the ballroom of the Embassy of Japan in London.

Altogether, nine sake breweries from the prefecture came to the UK and showcased their wares. A chef from the exclusive London Japanese restaurant ROKA was also invited, who created dishes designed to go well with sake. In addition, a mixologist created sake-based cocktails to sample and gave a lecture.

By sharing food pairing and cocktail making ideas and being more than simply an introduction to sake, the event really brought the experience to life for participants. Representatives from the prefecture and sake experts were able to comment on the regionality and distinctive character of Tosa’s sakes, as well as the background of the production process. The content of the lectures was able to deepen attendees’ understanding of Tosa, and strengthen the prefecture’s branding.

CROSS MEDIA was responsible for planning the event contents and booking the lecturers. We also leveraged our extensive contacts across the food industry to invite guests and publicize the event, and were responsible for running the event on the day.